Wrentham is well known for being a foodie destination filled with upscale dining, breakfast joints, cafés, bakeries, cozy restaurants and a good bar scene. Wrentham is also home to 170 outlet stores as well as a State Forest with hiking options, three lakes, a farm where guests can pick apples and treat themselves to homemade donuts, a multi-level indoor go cart track, a country store and so much more!

Wollomonuppoag Plantation

The General Court in Newton decided to settle a plantation on the northeast side of the Charles River. This land grant included what would eventually become the Wollomonuppoag Plantation, and then the town of Wrentham.


The Town of Wrentham

The town of Wrentham was formally incorporated into the colony and named after the homeland of John Thurston and other settlers, Wrentham, England.


Cesar Chelor

Former slave named Cesar Chelor earned his freedom through construction of wood planes and became one of the first free black tradesmen in the colonies. Wood planes were used to shape specialized surfaces for complex architecture.


General Rochambeau's Army Marched

In December of this year, General Rochambeau’s army marched through Wrentham en route from Yorktown to Boston. They camped at the current location of King Philip Regional High School.


Wrentham Center

Norfolk separated from Wrentham to become its own town with its own rail station, followed by Plainville in 1906. The introduction of the railroad to Wrentham Center changed the dynamic of the town entirely, as a worker could now easily commute to Boston, drawing in prominent citizens and vacationers to the town.


Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan

Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan first visited Wrentham shortly after the introduction of the railroad to the town. They then bought a farm in 1905 where Keller wrote three books.


Wrentham Became a Suburban Commercial Center

As a result of the increased traffic in Wrentham during the time when U.S. Route 1 went through Wrentham Center, Wrentham shifted from being a primarily rural farming community to a suburban commercial center.


Wrentham Premium Outlets Construction Begins

Construction of Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, with additions to the property over the next three years (1997-2000).


25th Anniversary

Wrentham Village Premium Outlets celebrates the 25th anniversary of its construction!


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